Mohsen Towhidian

Who I Am

I’m Mohsen Towhidian, an Iranian graphic designer. I was born in 1985.
I love not only design, which is my everlasting interest, but also writing poem story and drama. I have written a poem book and a drama and translate “Walt Withman”'s poems in Persian. I’m a journalist too and write critical article in base of literature, drama and cinema. Now, I’m studying master of Drama Literature.


I think

I do believe in the importance of concept-driven approach and design that is highly indicative of its subject to assure welcoming and effective communication. I love functional and subtle design that also has strong sense of personality and an enduring quality with attention to detail.


What I Do

I work on graphic design project via RANGANE, an independent design studio. Also I have worked with various companies in Middle East, Canada and France. I work on several fields such as:
Page layout: book covers, annual reports, catalogues, brochures, posters and so on.
Type face and lettering

logo and visual identity

website design...

I have also worked with brand-new ideas, so if you are thinking about something that is not mention here, do not hesitate to contact me.



Here are some samples of my design



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